I boldly and faithfully declare that this is the year of Production!  
John 20:22 establishes a biblical standard that shall set the tone for this year.
This year the gifts and abilities that God placed in me will manifest like never before.
I am committed to a life that will ACKNOWLEDGE my POSITION and therefore I will not entertain negative thoughts, negative speech, or negative people.
I am redeemed by the blood of Christ and nothing or no one can stop me.  I believe that God has appointments and assignments for me that are specific and personal.  What God has for me is for me!  
I must control my emotions and be ruled by the Spirit and not my flesh.
This is the year that God will AFFIRM PROMISES in my life.
 I cannot allow any person or spirit to cause me to doubt my identity.  
God is a promise keeper and this is my year to fully receive all He has prepared for me.  Everything that I have survived had a purpose for my destiny.  God makes no mistakes so everything works for my good.  
Favor operates in my life causing doors to open for me that no one can prevent or slow down.
I recognize and declare that God will ACCELERATE PERFORMANCE in every area of my life.
The presence of God in my life will produce new ideas, new inventions and new innovations that will change the world.  I will recognize and use gifts and talents that God has given me to prosper my church and community.  I fully accept the mantle that God has placed on my life.  
I am a leader and world changer.
Because I believe that God has ASSIGNED PROMOTIONS for me,
I declare that I must be a doer of the word and not just a hearer.  I have proven to God that He can trust me.  My giving is evidence of my faith and a public record of my heart.  
As I am promoted, my giving will prove that I am a steward of what God provides.  
I will be blessed to become a greater blessing.  
God has called me to be a lender therefore I will become debt free.  
There will be no lack in any area of my life.
I believe this season of PRODUCTION will rest upon me,
my church family, and my spiritual leadership in
Jesus Name!