I boldly and faithfully declare that this is the year of “positioning”.
Matthew 20:23 establishes a biblical standard that shall set the tone for this year.
I must remember that many are called but few are chosen.

I will not be hindered this year from approaching God to make my “VALID REQUESTS.
This year the favor that God has released over my life will cause me to skip steps and land in my designated position supernaturally.
God will position me to be more comfortable with being  displayed for his glory.
God will place me on pedestals of success in order to point others to him.

This shall be a season of “VISUAL REDEMPTION”.  God will position me,  to be the answer to problems.
God will create space just for me, and people will observe and witness what God does in my life.
I declare that doors are opening, tables have turned, and the time has come for me to receive all that God has prepared for me.

I will become the “VIRTUOUS REPRESENTATION” of God.  
There is a higher standard of living that I am called to this year.  My habits, decisions, and thoughts must reflect my diligence to live Holy.

I must keep my heart in check, because my positioning is not about me but about the Kingdom of God.
As God positions me for “VICTORIOUS RECOGNITION” I decree that I always win.
This is my year to be selected, appointed, recognized, and confirmed, because of my faithfulness in past seasons.  God chose me before I was formed in my mother’s womb
Because God has chosen to use me, I expect opportunities to discover my purpose, grow in my calling, and silence my critics.

I will not allow anything or anyone to prevent me from remaining in my God- assigned position.
This will be a season of “positioning” for me, my family, and my Kingdom leadership, In JESUS NAME!