The Miseducation of the Christian – Book

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The world does not argue about how much a professional athlete or CEO earns each year. Reporters do not write editorials to admonish an athlete or rock star when their home appears on MTV Cribs. It is time for the church to heal its wounds, and to do so through understanding the various roles churches and individuals have in the will of God. Not every church will be as financially strong as others; people will not have the same amount of prosperity. The Miseducation of the Christian argues the focus of the Christian community needs to shift from how much one makes – to how much one gives away………

Dr. V. K. Brown, renowned author, shares biblical principles of money management. Dr. Brown explains that having debt should not be a standard way of living and that "money isn’t evil, what we do with and for money is".

Dr. Brown exposes destructive, miseducations and myths taught in church. During a teaching moment Valerie says "You can talk about money in church, they are not separate, there’s nothing unholy about money". View a preview of the "Teaching Moment"; also available to purchase on DVD .

Several well known Pastors and Bishops joined together for an informal panel discussion about this very "hot" topic issue of money and the church. Give a listen to the leaders; themselves, hear their views. Available in DVD.

“Do you trust God with your money?” if not learn how….