Deliver Me from Single Series FULL (DVD)

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This series purposefully touches the key elements to being delivered from the cliché of being single.

Part One

Deliver Me From Single – Ruth 1:20, 2:3 – Deliver Me From Single Series Pt I

1. You Must Stop”Pouting”

2. You Must Stop”Shopping”

3. You Must Stop”Advertising”

4. You Must Start”Gleaning”

Part Two

Make Sure It's Real – Genesis 29:16-30 – Deliver Me From Single Series Pt II

1. True Love”Waits”

2. True Love”Works”

3. True Love”Watches”

4. True Love”Walks”

Part Three

“Looking For Mr. Right” – John 4:6 – Deliver Me From Single Series Pt III

1. Public Context

2. Productive Conversation

3. Personal Convictions

4. Priestly Conditions

Part Four

“The Purpose of Dating” – Matthew 1:18-24 – Deliver Me From Single Series Pt IV

1. Relationship”Testing”

2. Relationship”Training”

3. Relationship”Tracking”

4. Relationship”Transitioning”

Part Five

“It's All In Your Mind” – Romans 12:1-2 – Deliver Me From Single Series Pt V

1. Realistic Investigation

2. Revelational Instruction

3. Relational Insistence

4. Resounding Individuality

Part Six

“Confident Individuality” – Luke 4:14-21 – Deliver Me From Single Series Pt VI

1. Personal Definition

2. Prophetic Designation

3. Personal Demonstration

4. Provocative Declaration

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Many people marry without ever taking the opportunity to properly develop important self stability characteristics and standards. They either get caught up in the pressures of dating or lack a true understanding of its purpose. In “Deliver Me From Single”, Bishop K. W. Brown, intensely defines the aspects of “True Love”, the “Purpose of Dating” and the content of “Looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right”.

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