The Mount’s primary method of keeping partners connected is through our torchbearers ministry. Each person or family that partners is given a Torchbearer leader (sometimes called Circle of Light leader). Each Torchbearer leader is available to his or her assigned partners frequently, and serves as the partners’ first point of contact by addressing any concerns, needs and/or celebrations.  Partners are encouraged to utilize their torchbearer leader for needs they may have and to stay connected.

The mission of the Torchbearer Ministry is to connect every partner with a torchbearer leader partnership care, spiritual growth, potential development and the expansion of the Kingdom of God. The goal of the ministry is to keep every partner engaged, informed and encouraged.

Circle of Light Contact form

Bishop and Elder Brown find it extremely important to stay connected and serve every partner with a spirit of excellence and love. With over 12,000 partners, it is extremely difficult for them to embrace every member on a consistent basis. To provide excellent congregational care and prevent partners from feeling disconnected in such a large ministry, God blessed Bishop and Elder with the vision of The Torchbearer Ministry.

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