Purpose HER Women’s Conference

Purpose HER Women’s Conference: October 2018 HER Purpose, HIS Way!

Objective: To enable women to discover their purpose through Christ, gain a better understanding of His vision and assignment for their lives, and to grow in mind and heart of the ways of Christ as we expose the Kingdom in a greater way. To effectively communicate the importance of being well mentally, spiritually, and physically in order to live their best and purpose-filled life.
Conference Overview: Join us for a two-day empowering conference that will help transform your life as we overcome some of the struggles we face on our journey to walk in purpose and fulfill our destiny. We will learn from dynamic speakers, apply Godly knowledge, and embrace the call of purpose on our lives. We have an exciting forum discussion planned to address next-generation leaders while living boldly for Christ and encompassing both the married and single woman as having a husband doesn’t require us to walk in our purpose and having a family doesn’t prevent us from fulfilling it. Let’s grow and glow in purpose together. Bring a friend, coworker or family member as we embrace this journey of fulfilling God’s will and living our best life.