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Recharge serves our Teens and Young Adults ages 13 to 18. Recharge takes place at the same time as Bible Study, every Wednesday night from 7pm to 8:30pm, at Signet Bowling Alley. Come hang out and enjoy a word from our Youth Leaders. We want to inspire you to develop a closer relationship with Jesus […]

The new children’s wing is amazing! It features a theme park environment and state of the art technology to get your child excited about coming to The Mount on Sundays. There is no better way to learn about our Savior, Jesus Christ, than to do so in atmosphere that sparks imagination and with a curriculum […]

The Mount is blessed to have a licensed clinical psychologist on staff supervising a volunteer staff of Lay Counselors trained and prepared to provide counseling services to our Partners of The Mount and our Community Partners. Summit is considered a short term crisis intervention center providing 3-4 sessions as a resource for your overall wellness. Our […]

We want to incorporate youth and adult believers into active life at the Mount. Incorporation is done through introduction, documentation, education and recognition. To become a Partner, New Partners Academy must be completed. Upon completion, you will have a strong understanding of our fundamental beliefs, possess a clear direction on how to grow in Christ, and of […]

Seniors Nearing Another Plateau (SNAP). Our seniors are dear to our hearts and we hold them in high esteem at The Mount and we delight in showing our appreciation, that is when we can catch up to them. Our seniors stay busy with line dancing, weekly aerobics, and trips to Miami. Huh? Yes they stay […]

The Mount’s primary method of keeping partners connected is through small groups called “Circle of Light”. Each Circle of Light group has 12 families/partners that are led by a Torchbearer leader (sometimes called Circle of Light leader). Each Torchbearer leader is responsible for connecting with his or her assigned partners weekly, and serves as the […]