Mental Wellness Prayer 2019

Mental Health Awareness Month 2019
Mental Wellness Prayer
By Bishop K. W. Brown

God, we thank you for the opportunity to communicate with you through prayer. We thank you that you have positioned us to intercede on behalf of ourselves and on the behalf of others who battle with challenges of the mind. God, we ask you today, to deposit the spirit of courage into our hearts, courage to seek help when we need it, courage to know and understand the truth about our current battle and the courage to complete prescribed counselling programs and or treatments. Father, we pray now in the name of Jesus that you release us from the negative thoughts toward mental illness, release us from what we may think others believe about us because we are battling something differently than they are battling, release us from the bondage of no hope and the attitude that because we may have mental challenges, that we are broken beyond repair. God we pray and declare that you will deposit in us the will to press on and the will to move forward. We declare, that we have faith that you can work out any situation. We declare that we have the mind of Christ and in having HIS mind we position ourselves to never give up, to continue speaking life, to defy all odds and to win in life. We believe that the battle we are currently fighting, will not last always and we have decided that we will not wait until the fight is over to thank you for victorious living. We have decided that we will take control of our mind and give you praise in spite of what we hear and in spite of what things look like. From this point forward, we declare that our challenges do not define us. We pray this prayer in Jesus Name, Amen