Spiritual Release Prayer

Our Father God in Heaven, thank you for the opportunity to communicate with you through prayer. We thank you for your unfailing love towards us and your abiding grace that operates daily in our lives. We ask you Father that you forgive us of our sins so that we may approach you with pure hearts and motives.

Father we pray, just as your servant Daniel prayed. We ask for wisdom to operate justly in this life, we ask for spiritual and natural strategies to help us to take territory for the Kingdom and live life on earth as it is in Heaven. We ask that you shower us with blessings so that we can tell the world how good you are. We pray for spiritual blessings; a righteous mind, pure hearts, right motives, protection for family, protection for our church family and leadership, a deeper relationship with you, a closer and meaningful relationship with family, a deeper revelation of your love for us, a spiritual boldness, to operate in the calling you have for us. We pray for natural blessings; to live in the best, eat the best, wear the best, drive the best, to be first class in life.

Father we understand that just as Daniel prayed and his answers were withheld by the demonic. We now have a revelation that our answers are being held up. The manifestations of all we have requested are being blocked by the evil one. So now God we pray through the blood of Jesus that whatever demonic force is holding up our manifestation, that it be dealt with by you and your archangels. WE come against any and all blockages of satan, NOW in the name of Jesus. We decree and declare that EVERYTHING you have for us, spiritually and naturally be RELEASED into to our possession NOW. We declare to receive ALL that you had for our ancestors in Jesus name. We declare to receive generational blessings in Jesus name. We impose interest on everything that was held up from us, We shall receive more than what was kept from us in Jesus Name. We pray that the angels defeat and break down any walls, restrictions, roadblocks or blockages spiritual or natural in Jesus Name. Anything, whether it may be spiritual or natural that, may have hindered us before cannot hinder us any longer. We receive an overflow of strategies, wisdom, spiritual and natural blessings in Jesus Name.