Girls Self Esteem Affirmation

This spring the Children’s Ministry held a “Girls Lock In”, where the little ladies of The Mount came together for a night of activities, fellowship, prayer and learning. The keynote presentation was delivered by the First Daughter, Kimberly Brown. It featured a statement  titled “Self Esteem Affirmation”, designed to uplift the minds and spirits of each of our young ladies.

Self-Esteem Affirmation

I am a child of God

I love every part of who I am

I am surrounded by people who love me

I am intelligent

I am uniquely me

I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me

I am going to achieve great things

God loves me even though I don’t always behave at my best

I may be small and young, but I have big influence

With Jesus I am never alone

My family and I are blessed

Jesus provides all I need

It does not matter what everyone else thinks of me; Jesus thinks I’m to die for

I am valuable

I am important to the work of God

I see myself as God sees me

I am beautiful both inside and out

And I know I’m beautiful ‘cause GOD DON’T MAKE NO JUNK!