Affirmation 2020

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I boldly and faithfully declare that the year 2020 is the year of EXHIBITION!

John 20:20 establishes a biblical standard that shall set the tone for this year. 

The EXHIBITION of God will cause me to become an evident witness to the world that the grace and favor of God is unstoppable.

This year God shall reveal Himself to me in fresh ways and I will not settle for less than God’s best for me. 

The pain of my past has prepared and equipped me to handle the opportunities that God will provide supernaturally.

God has promised to PIERCE OBSTACLES and meet my needs in ways that are beyond my ability to reason and understand.  

I am fully persuaded that God is increasing my anointing, establishing a public record of my success, and will PARALYZE any OPPOSITION that attempts to hold me in fear or bondage.

This year I must enlarge my dreams because of the people I am assigned to impact for the Kingdom.

I will walk with unusual OPTIMISM because God will display His love for me with undeniable manifestation.

I am not normal and there is nothing about me that is average.

I am a world changer.

God has OBSERVED my faithfulness and positioned me to have kingdom impact; therefore, every area of my life will increase.  

I must forgive and release the pain of those who have hurt me in the past, because God is ready to publicly establish a record of vindication and recompense, for all that I have endured and survived.

This year I will not allow the limitations of others to distract me because I am empowered by God to take territory and accomplish much for the Kingdom.  

I am ready to see God answer my prayers, manifest my dreams, and use me to model the favor of God for the world. 

My progress will be unhindered by any satanic attacks and I will not waiver because God is my ultimate sustainer.

As God continues to provide for me I will be positioned to be a blessing to many. I am prepared to walk in obedience as God opens doors for me and I am equipped for unusual success.  

I believe this season of EXHIBITION will propel me, my church family, and my spiritual leadership into new levels of grace, enabling us to take more territory for the Kingdom of God, in Jesus’s name.

©2020 by The Mount Global Fellowship of Churches

Download the 2020 Affirmation as a PDF