Affirmation 2019

Download the 2019 Affirmation as a PDF

I boldly and faithfully declare that the year 2019 is the year of EXPEDITING!

John 20:19 establishes a biblical standard that shall set the tone for this year.

The “expediting” of God will cause me to witness rapid kingdom movement in my life this year.

This year God shall release me, restore me, recover my losses, and regulate my enemies.

Doors will open supernaturally and I will enjoy instantaneous blessings, miracles, and increase.

As God expedites my journey and increases the anointing on my life, those who are not for me will be revealed, removed and replaced.

God has promised to move with accelerated pace in my life and will exceed my expectations this year.

According to Amos 9, things will happen so fast that my head will swim. I will witness perpetual blessings as God releases favor upon me and those connected to me.

I will not worry, or be intimidated, because God will show up quickly and move on my behalf.

I will not allow fear or guilt to hinder my progress to receive everything God has for me.

As God moves rapidly I must hold on to my praise, my faith, and my focus. I cannot become distracted.

This year I will no longer be held captive by past hurts.

My hopes and dreams will suddenly become a reality, because God will move me without normal processes, and the hand of God will cause me
to skip steps, and provide rapid advancement.

God will expedite my destiny as I overcome, fear, anxiety, and the paranoia of what people say and think about me. I want EVERYTHING God has ordained for me to receive.

Those who counted me out will become amazed at my progress and I am committed to glorifying God in fresh ways to acknowledge the hand of God publicly.

I believe this season of expediting will propel me, my church family, and my spiritual leadership into new levels of Grace, enabling us to take more territory for the Kingdom of God.

In Jesus’ name!

©2019 by The Mount Global Fellowship of Churches

Download the 2019 Affirmation as a PDF