Affirmation 2016

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Because of Deuteronomy 28:1-2. I am excited to proclaim that the year 2016 is the year of “EVIDENCE”.

Matthew 20:16 establishes a biblical standard that shall set the tone for this year.

As God displays His Glory in my life I will be REPOSITIONED. New opportunities will require increased commitment to live by Faith as I please God.

I have endured and remained faithful during a season that would have pushed many people to quit.

The favor of God on my life will be evident in every area, I will be the source of inspiration for those who witness how God moves in my life.

I cannot allow the temptation to hold grudges to abort my destiny this year. God will provide full “RETRIBUTION” for all of my sorrows, pains, and mistreatment.

I will have the opportunity to see the vengeance of the Lord this year.

My requirement is to stand in faith and observe God handle all of my enemies and those who betrayed me. God is redeeming time for me and those connected to me.

This year will be a time of “RECOGNITION” like never before. As I acknowledge the power of God in my life, God will cause doors to open, ideas to be revealed, strength to be provided and focus to be maintained.

People will have to declare that the Lord is with me when they see the power of God operate through me and for me.

I have waited patiently for my season, celebrating the victories of others and giving during times of lack with faithfulness and humility. Now God will provide my season of “RELEASE”.

I shall advance quickly. I will not be governed by normal processes. Because of the power of God I shall defy the odds of life.

Things, people and circumstances that hinder others shall have no effect on my journey.

My Mouth is the gateway to my progress, so I will proclaim the word of the Lord in every situation. I live by Faith.

My Mind is the gateway to my potential. I will govern my thoughts and remain mentally strong and focused.

My Ministry is the gateway to my power. I will maintain a witness that will push others to make a kingdom commitment.

My Money is the gateway to my prosperity. I will have an abundance of provision in order to expand the kingdom. I am truly blessed to be a blessing.

This year I must allow God to fully develop all my gifts and abilities because they are vital instruments for the Kingdom.

It will take God given courage to operate at the level of faith that shall be required as God provides “EVIDENCE” of His hand and presence in my life.

I have overcome much to qualify for all that God has for me.

I proclaim that I am fully prepared to pursue and overcome as God reveals His plan for my life.

This season of evidence shall rest upon ME, My Church family, and my Spiritual leadership in the name of Jesus.

Download the 2016 Affirmation as a PDF
(file size: 182KB)